Ice Tongs & Ice Handling Equipment

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ice block tongs - ice cube tongs - ice tong

ice tongs antique - stainless steel ice tongs - ice handling equipment

Ice handling is one of the most essential elements that make up a good restaurant or bar. Ice tongs is a helpful equipment to deal with ice cubes effectively. Jean’s Restaurant Supply provides variety of ice handling equipment such as ice block tongs and antique ice tongs.

We manufacture different kinds of ice cube tongs such as scalloped ice tongs, camwear scoop, bar scoop and scoop holder. Stainless steel ice tongs are strong and they can sustain the wear and tear. We also deliver vintage ice tongs that wears a classic look.

Jean's Restaurant Supply has a wide variety of ice handling equipment that will help your bartenders to handle ice hassle-free and above all, keep unsanitary hands from directly touching the ice.