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At Jean's Restaurant Supply we understand the importance of investing in large scale commercial refrigeration and want to help you in choosing the right walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer. If you have any questions regarding your walk- in cooler or walk-in freezer contact us and we will be happy to help you. Custom sizing is available.
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Not sure about where to start in your decision making process?
Check out our Walk-In Refrigeration Buying Guide.

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Conserving Electricity with Your Walk-In

You can help conserve electricity and control your costs by putting into practice the following guidelines in the use of your Walk-ins.

  1. Use proper operating temperature: Setting the thermostats lower than is necessary causes a waste of electricity. If you are not sure what the proper temperatures should be, contact your dealer.
  2. Organize stored products to reduce how often the door needs to be opened: The fewer, shortest openings help minimize cold air loss. Don't leave the door propped open!
  3. Keep stored product clear of the cooking coils.
  4. Turn the inside lights off when no one is inside the walk-in. Lights generate heat and use more electricity.
  5. Use the least amount of packing material as needed. Too many materials retard the cooling process and increases the use of electricity.
  6. Leave space between the stored products to allow better air circulation.
  7. Let hot foods cool to room temperature before putting them in the walk-in: Most foods can safely be cooled to room temperature before placing them in the cooler or freezer. However if you have doubts, check with your local health official.
  8. Use the proper defrost cycles in freezers: Two defrost cycles are required for normal use. If you see an excessive amount of frost forming on the coils, call for service.
  9. Keep the compressors clean: Dirt, leaves, paper, and other matter that may build up on the compressor increases the amount of electricity used. Regularly vacuum the compressor.

Walk-Ins are a valuable asset in keeping produce fresh and ready. Learn how to best utilize your walk-in for storing fresh produce.