Commercial Fryers

Commercial Fryers

Purchasing a fryer for your restaurant, hotel, school or other venue, should come as a result of research and comparison shopping. Primarily, you should focus on whether you're going to buy a gas or electric fryer. After you have chosen and purchased the fryer, be sure you also have all the fryer baskets, tongs, and cleaners that compliment the fryer.

Fryer Tips

Determining If your Fryer Can Keep Up With Demand
Fryer productivity is usually measured by pounds of product per hour. In general, a fryer that can handle a minimum of 80 lbs of French fries per hour is sufficient. However, in smaller, less demanding, environments, a fryer that handles 65 pounds may be just what is needed.
Frying Oil Life
A good way to prolong the life of the frying oil for an indefinite time is by filtering the fat two times every day (or a good option is to filter the fat as each shift of the day ends) and then adding 10% new oil to the cleaned oil. This is enough to rejuvenated the existing oil. (if there was less than 10% of oil absorbed by the fried products then dip out enough to allow the extra 10% of new oil. The oil that was removed can be used for other cooking needs such as on the griddle. However do be cautious of cross-contamination of food allergens.) For example: A 35 lb. fryer will need 3-1/2 lbs. of fresh oil added. Using this method will result in high annual savings in fat costs.
Oil Filters
If you fry large quantities of breaded, watery or battered products, you will need to filter the oil more often. When cleaning remember to rinse well. The number one enemy of cooking fat is soap. Any soap residue will accelerate the cooking fat breakdown.
Oil Breakdown
According to several master fry chefs, water is one of the major causes of rapid breakdown of cooking oil. The life of the cooking oil can be greatly extended if an ideal balance can be maintained between frying dry items (i.e. breaded products) and wet items (i.e. frozen French fries). When this is not possible, if you are frying primarily (or only) wet items, then a solution may be to periodically nestle slices of bread in-between the twin baskets and "fried" in order to absorb the water which frying wet products adds to the oil.

Why Buy An Efficient Gas Fryer?

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