Hobart AM15T-24 Correctional Tall Hi/Lo Temp Door-Type Dishwasher with Booster - 58-65 racks/hr - 480v/3

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Product Description

Hobart AM15T-24 Select Dishwasher


  Whether it's a delicate wine glass or a grimy pot, the AM Select door-type dishwasher is NSF certified to clean all of your wares spotless. It includes four wash cycles at 1, 2, 4, and 6 minutes.


  The Hobart AM15T-24 ships corrections ready. It is time and money saving, it can get through 58 racks in a hour with hot water sanitizing or 65 racks in a hour for chemical sanitizing. It saves you money when you buy it, and it saves you money when you run it. With the AM Select, you no longer have to worry which dishwasher to choose from or one not being enough for all of your normal ware. While employees spend hours at the compartment sink performing what is often considered one of the most dreaded jobs in any kitchen. Wash all of your wares in the same place with the AM Select.


  Saving money with every use, the AM Select gives you the power of two machines in one compact footprint. ENERGY STAR system reduces water consumption and your utility bill by a minimum of 25 percent. Its exclusive rinse arm design only uses .75 gallons of water per rack. This reduces water and energy consumption and lowers your chemical costs. An automatic drain closure ensures the drain is closed once started. This deep, narrow tank design maintains water temperature and conserves energy.


  The interconnected booster heater control saves operator startup time and energy by energizing an external booster heater when turned on. It includes a delime cycle, and keeps the machine running efficiently and extending the life of critical components. The pump, motor and controls are well protected by enclosed stainless-steel trim panels. It even includes a built-in diagnostic assistant. It will pinpoint problems for fast, easy service, minimizing downtime if service should be necessary.



Common Questions & Answers


Is this dishwasher high or low temperatures?

It is shipped with the ability to have an external booster heater attached to it in order for it to run as a high temperature dishwasher.


How does a high temperature dishwasher sanitize wares without the use of chemical sanitizers?

The heat from a high temperature dishwasher is enough to sanitize wares without the need for chemical sanitizers. It is recommended to use high temperature over low temperature dishwashers because these chemicals can leave a residue that will negatively interact with the taste of certain delicate foods and beverages.


What is the maximum capacity the wash tank can hold?

14 gallons.


If you know you need one of these powerful machines for your kitchen, then give us a call right here at Jean's Restaurant Supply and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will provide you with all the information you need. Remember, it is our pleasure to serve you and nothing will make us happier than helping you succeed.



AM15 Operator Training Video
(F40506 08-07)

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