JRSVHSP9-PFF 9ft Jean's Shallow Front Vent Hood with Plenum, Exhaust Fan, Make-up Air Fan and Flashing

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Product Description

Vent Hood Kit: JRSVHSP9-PFF

  • Our exclusive JRSVHSP Shallow Front is NSF Listed and meets NFPA 96 requirements for its safe and efficient design.
  • Handcrafted with 100% commercial-grade stainless steel construction, the JRSVH includes all stainless steel welds for no-seam and liquid tight joints. Our superior design and materials are unlike our factory-assembly competitors who typically offer lower grade materials, with stainless steel only in the "exposed" areas the equipment. Our hoods are built to last and stand up to daily restaurant cleaning procedures.
  • Our low production costs allow us to offer our superior JRSVH at a very reasonable price point for our customers.
  • Standard Exhaust Hood Packages of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10ft are in-stock and ready-to-ship in 24-48 business hours.
  • Our baffle grease filters have a larger surface area (20" X 16") to condense vapor and moisture and increase centrifugal separation which significantly improves efficiency
  • We proudly offer custom hood system fabrication for non-standard kitchen layouts. Our master fabricators will construct custom hoods to run safely and efficiently in all spaces ranging from smaller single-chef kitchens as well as expansive multi-station kitchens.

Exhaust Fan: CaptiveAire DU85HFA

Centrifugal upblast kitchen exhaust fans are designed to remove foul air, smoke, fumes, odor, and grease laden vapors from indoor environments. These cooking exhaust fans have an upblast discharge, which will expel the stale air away from the roof surface or building walls. Commercial exhaust fans are necessary for an optimal indoor environment.

  • Heavy duty construction, durable and weather resistant
  • Non-overloading backward inclined wheels, blades and inlets fabricated from 3003-h34 aluminum
  • Forced fresh air through the motor compartment cools motor and ensures long motor life
  • Quick release latches allow for easy access to motor compartment
  • Variable pitch motor pulley allows for field adjustment and system balancing
  • High efficiency combined with low tip speeds result in quiet operation
  • Standard emergency disconnect switch

Make-Up Air Fan: CaptiveAire, A1-G10D

Make-up air fans, also called return-air fans are designed to bring fresh air from the outside back into your building. This fresh air is to 'make-up' for the air that is being sucked away from your building via the exhaust fans. By providing a fresh air balance, your air conditioning will not have to work harder to compensate for the loss of air meaning lower energy bills.

  • Emergency disconnect switch
  • Spun aluminum housing for rust free weather resistant durability
  • Propellers constructed with die formed blades riveted to a steel hub
  • Can be roof or wall mounted
  • Standard bird screen
  • Wire conduit to provide a clear channel for electrical connections.
  • ETL Listed and complies with UL 705 standards

Roof or Wall Curb Flashings for exhaust and make-up air fans

Roof curb flashing is used as roof support structures for fans. Careful consideration goes into choosing the correct vent hood system components. The same consideration should also be taken for the penetration points on your roof and the type of roof curb flashing used. As part of our JRSVH Packages, we proudly include our JRS Roof Curb Flashing available in standard and custom sizes.

  • Constructed of 20 gauge galvanized steel
  • Size measurement: Sized to fit exhaust fan bases
  • Flat roof curb included
    • Pitched roof fitting is available for an additional cost of $175
    • Wall mount curb is available for an additional cost of $150

Perforated Supply Air Plenum Chamber

  • 100% stainless steel construction matches exhaust vent hood
  • Provides up to 80% make-up air
  • Guides make-up air near the hood and directs air toward the capture area of vent hood
  • Disseminates make-up air evenly along the length of the hood through the perforated diffuser plates
  • Easy installation


  • JRSVHSP9 Type I Commercial Grease Vent Hood - 108" W x 48" D x 12" H @ hood front / 24" @ hood back
    • Baffle filters
    • Stainless steel grease cup
    • Pre-wired light(s)
    • Hanging brackets
  • Exhaust Fan: CaptiveAire DU85HFA
  • Make-up Air Fan: A1-G10D
  • 2 Flat Roof Curb Flashing (Wall and Pitch Roof Curb "Not Include" options are available)
  • Supply Air Plenum
More Information
Resources JRSVHSP Spec Sheet
CaptiveAire DU-HF Spec Sheet
Make-Up Air Spec Sheet
Manufacturer Jean's RS
Width 108"
Depth 48"
Height 12"Frt - 24"Bck
Type Shallow

(1) CaptiveAire DU85HFA
(1) CaptiveAire A1-G10D
(1) Flat Roof Flashing
(1) Supply Air Plenum

Material Stainless Steel
NSF Listed Yes
USA Made Yes
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