Town 34706 Steel Mandarin Wok 16" with 8" Steel Handle

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Product Description


Mandarin Wok


  Wok pans are excellent additions for any kitchen, even if you don't run an Asian cuisine restaurant. All you need is a little creativity, you can use this pan to cook up unique recipes that will keep your customers coming and your competition begging to learn your secrets.


  Unlike normal pans that cook from the bottom only a wok pan will cook from multiple sides. It has a long handle that will make it easy for you to toss in your ingredients for the perfect stir-fry. The 8" handle will comfortably fit in the hand of your employee.



Common Questions & Answers


Is there a difference Mandarin and Cantonese wok styles?

You can identify the different wok styles by their handles. A Mandarin wok has a single handle and the Cantonese wok has two handles that are curved.


Can I use this pan as soon as I receive it?

No, there are a few steps that must be done first. First, you need to wash this pan with warm and soapy water to wash away the protective coat of oil that this pan is shipped with. Once the oil is completely washed away, you may season it and then begin using it.


Do I need a wok ring?

You only need a wok ring if you do not have a traditional wok range. A wok ring will turn any range into one that can properly hold a wok. When purchasing a wok ring, be sure to buy one that is 4" smaller than the size of the that you're working with.


More Information
Manufacturer Town Food Service
Model No. 34706
Color Black
Height 4-3/4"
Top Diameter 16"
Handle Length 8"
Shape Round
Style Mandarin
Type Wok
Material Carbon Steel
Gauge 18 ga.