Vollrath 48" Strip Heat Strips Service call

A customer of ours called and said one of their heat strips in the pass-thru window was hot heating up. When our technician arrived and found that it was not heating he turned off the breaker so he could get into the control box area where he could check component parts and look for any possible wiring issues. Once he had the control panel cover off he immediately saw two burnt wires that the plastic wire nut had melted off of. The wires feed out of the power switch and lead to the element.

He then checked continuity and resistance on the power switch and the element to make sure they were still good and they were. The electrician had used thhn wire for the power and it was overheating and melting the plastic off the wire and melting the plastic wire nuts inside the control box. Plastic nuts cannot be used in the control box because of the extreme heat of the equipment.

The electrical supply to the heating equipment was in a metal flex conduit to the unit and about 3 feet away on the nearby wall the metal flex lead to a j-box. To alleviate the problem of wires and wire nuts overheating our technician ran high temperature wiring from the control box back to the j-box that was on the wall nearby. He also used high temperature ceramic wire nuts in the control panel near the heat.

He then put all the panels back on and tested the unit for proper operation. Problem solved!

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