Restaurant Renovation

A customer came in and told us he was renovating an old restaurant in a small beach resort town near us and he needed some advice and equipment for his renovation. Ben with our design team went to the location to analyze the building, kitchen and dining space so that we could figure out the customers particular needs, type of menu they're preparing, building construction type, etc. After his initial observation and measurements he is able to create a basic blueprint layout of the site and determine the physical fit of the restaurant equipment.

The customer has an existing outdoor walk-in cooler that is old and rusted out and needs to be replaced. He also wants two new exhaust hoods, as well as all the kitchen appliances and dining furnishings.

By the time we showed up to look the site over the existing vent hoods were already removed in the initial demolition/remodeling phase . The existing walk-in cooler is 9'8"W x 9'8"L x 7'6"H. The main hood will be 19' long and another small hood on an adjacent wall will be 5' long.

Once the length of the vent hoods are established we can determine what type and size of cooking equipment can fit under the vent hoods and best fit the customers needs/menu. After the design teams input, the customer, with our help, will pick out the cooking equipment, bar equipment, dining furniture, etc., making sure that the selected restaurant equipment fits the customers needs and budget, as well as physically fitting in the given spaces. Our design team will lay it out on the computer in a CAD design program and create a blueprint layout drawing. Another important item for any restaurant/bar is the ice machine<. Ice machines come in many different sizes. Small ones produce about 50 lbs of ice in a 24 hour period, and from there they go all the way up to 2,000 lbs, per day and even more. It is critical to have the right size ice machine for the amount of business expected.

There are self-contained ice machines and remote ice machines. A self-contained unit will put out quite a bit of heat in the space it is in therefore making it not practical for some applications where ambient heat is a factor. A remote unit puts the condenser on the exterior of the building where the heat produced by the ice machine is disbursed to the exterior. Once we know all the variables we can recommend the proper size and type of ice machine for the customers needs as well as building environment.

Since the walk-in cooler was an exterior unit and was pretty old the customer decided to replace it with a new one of the same size since it was sitting on a wood deck that was built for that size unit.

Restaurant furniture is another aspect of our total restaurant design so we can advise and/or equip the dining area/bar as needed with booths, tables, chairs, pass-thru doors and windows, etc.

Once the final order is determined, ordered, and shipped out to us we will deliver, uncrate, assemble, and install as agreed upon.