Lang Electric 36" Cheesemelter

A service call came in to our office from a customer stating that their electric cheesemelter was not heating at all. When our serviceman arrived he noticed one of the glass tube elements were broken and the coil on the inside of the glass tube was burnt in two. This particular machine has three elements, however, the way that its internally wired, when one element is burnt out none of them work. Therefore, no heat at all.

When he took off the brackets that hold the elements in place he noticed that one of the wires to an element was very frail and had burnt some of the insulation wrap from around it and left bare wire showing. These elements require special high temperature wire and ceramic wire nuts due to the extreme heat in the oven cavity.

With some new high temperature wire, ceramic wire nuts, and the new element he made his repair, reassembled the unit, and tested it.

NOTE: This particular piece of cooking equipment comes in either 208 volt or 240 volt ovens, therefore, you must purchase the correct elements that go to the specific oven. Also, the front and center elements are a different voltage rating than the rear element since the front and center ones are wired in series with one another.

CAUTION: Never use regular THHN or THW type electrical wire or plastic wire nuts in these units as they will melt and could cause an electrical short and/or fire.

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