Measuring Cups & Spoons

Essential to every kitchen, kiosk, and restaurant or other venue is adequate measuring and weighing options. Make sure you have the proper thermometers to protect your food and to keep them at proper temperatures from freezer to customers! We have all of your measuring cups, scales, measuring spoons, digital portion scales, confectionery thermometers, oven thermometers, grill thermometers, chef timers, electric timers and anything else that you will need for your particular venue. No matter what you are looking for, you can rest assured that we are here to help you find the right products for your individual venue! Weights, measures, timers, thermometers, we have them all.

Portion Control Facts

Portion control is profit control. Weigh all ingredients in a recipe to ensure accurate measurements. a 1/2 oz. overweight on 100 portions a day can lead to thousands of dollars in lost profits each year. For example, if 400 people are served in a day and an extra 1/2 oz. overweight occurs with each serving, it results in 12-1/2 lbs of additional food being used. If the product cost $1 per pound the loss over the year would be $3,000.