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When you are dealing with any size commercial kitchen project you need to make sure that the work needed to make the equipment run is set out in a plan. By avoiding this crucial step you can unwilling run up construction costs and lose time. We can eliminate that headache for you.

The Plumber

A detailed layout of the plumbing for your equipment will save you tremendous amounts of time and money. Never assume that your plumber will know the requirements of your equipment. Missing something as simple as a floor drain for an ice machine could mean huge increases in your construction bill. Your plumber will have to charge you for cutting through the concrete, laying in the drains, and covering up the concrete. On top of that you will be charged by the flooring crew that will patch up the work. New invoices pile up and your project is now set back even further on the calendar. All of this can be avoided by making sure your plumbing requirements are on a blue print.

Plumbing blue prints for your restaurant equipment give you these advantages:.

  • Locates all floor drains required for the operation of the equipment.
  • Ensures water utilities are supplied to the proper areas of your space
  • Detailed schedules give your plumber the right information to size gas pipes, drains, and water lines before the equipment is installed.
  • Provides a tool to have your job bid accurately. The work is spelled out completely for the plumber.
  • Avoids delays by laying out the entire scope of work. Eliminates any charges for additional work not called for at the start of the project.

The Electrician

So you've set up your ice machine and have the refrigeration line sets ready to go. Power is wired to the junction box for the ice maker. Where is the jumper wire to the remote condenser? The electrician's response: "You didn't tell me I had to run a jumper wire from the roof condenser down to the ice maker. I'll have to charge you." It's easy to assume that the electrician should have known that. However one simple fact remains; it wasn't in a drawing. If everything required for the operation of your equipment is laid out in CAD, then you have documented proof of the scope of work required. A blue print design is your key to a flawless installation.

Electrical plans for your restaurant equipment will give you these advantages:

  • Notes all work required by the electrician for final connection to your equipment
  • Provides the right electrical outlets specific to the equipment you are installing
  • Your electrician will be able to properly size the breaker panel and provide dedicated breakers as needed
  • Electrician can bid project in full. No unforeseen work will arise which will bring up construction costs.
  • Avoids delays by laying out the entire scope of work. Eliminates any changes or additional work


Vent hoods and HVAC systems within your kitchen make up the scope of the mechanical work. Having the requirements of your vent hood laid out in a blue print is absolutely essential. Many cities will grant you a mechanical permit only if you have everything laid out in a plan. Our mechanical layout outs provide you with detailed information necessary for a complete installation of the vent hood. These include details on flashing sizes, roof penetration cuts, wall penetration cuts, electrical requirements for the vent hood, CFM calculations for your specific cooking line, and a properly sized vent hood.

Mechanical vent hood plans for your restaurant equipment will give you these advantages:

  • CFM calculations based up on your specific cooking equipment. Provides for a balanced HVAC system.
  • Fan sizing for your vent hood which is also crucial in determining the overall electrical load required
  • Aids in getting city approvals and permits for building construction
  • Provides informaton for the ANSUL installer to properly locate nozzles and size the tank
  • Avoids delays by laying out the entire scope of work. Eliminates any additional cost for work not originally specified.


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