Vent Hood – Outside Air Movement Effecting Performance

The fluid motions of air have an impact on the performance of your commercial kitchen vent hood.[...]


Our office received a service call on a True T-49 2 door cooler that we had recently sold. He stated that the inside shelves were condensating a lot and dripping off of them. The unit was cooling fine but excessive interior moisture was the complaint. Upon arrival at the job site I did an overall assessment of the environment it was in. It was installed in an air conditioned space that was temperature and humidity controlled so I immediately ruled out the possibility of the excessive humid conditions. Further inspection showed that the condensation was mostly on the top shelves and dripping down onto the other shelves and on to the interior floor of the machine.[...]

Jean's Restaurant Supply - Commercial Gas Griddle Service Call

We received a service call from a customer stating that they had a gas range that has a 24" grill on it that was making a lot of soot on the burners and the bottom side of the grill plate. The surface burners and oven was working fine. The only problem was with the commercial grill. Upon initial inspection I noticed the gas grill had three burners and the left and center burners were burning a pretty blue flame but the one on the right was burning big yellow flames which is what causes all of the soot build up. I removed the grill plate and took the knobs and the front panel off the unit so I could gain access to the burners and burner valves. This particular problem can be caused by several things. Burner orifices may be clogged and dirty, burners may be clogged and dirty, or air shutter may be not be adjusted properly.[...]

Commercial Vent Hoods - Jean's Restaurant Supply

Below is from an actual service call: I was dispatched out to do an air balance on a new vent hood at a new restaurant. The contractor bought the new vent hood from us but he did the installation. Upon arrival we unpacked our electronic micro manometer instrument (which measures air flow in cfm's) and set it up to take our air flow readings. Readings are taken at each filter of the exhaust and at numerous locations across the make-up air to measure cfm's of each fan and measure the balance across the hood. Several measurements are taken at each location and averaged together to get a more accurate average. Once the final figures are all put together we can analyze the air flow to see if both the exhaust air and the make-up air is actually balanced and flowing as it should. [...]



Restaurant Vent Hood - Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Education

Ventilation is the single most important factor in the design, construction, and operation of a commercial kitchen. An exhaust hood is an air intake device connected to a fan that removes smoke, cooking vapors, grease, steam, heat, and odors that are made by cooking and ware washing equipment. There are several different types of vent hood systems on the market, the most popular being the Type I Canopy hood. A canopy hood is basically a hood that is hung from the ceiling and covers all of the cooking equipment under it. None of the equipment can extend outside of the hood and there should be a minimum of 6" clearances to spare on each end of the hood. Canopy hoods used for cooking equipment will also have a "compensating hood", or fresh-air make-up hood around the perimeter of the canopy hood to bring fresh outside air back in to replace the exhaust air going out. Therefore, there are two integrated components to a kitchen ventilator hood - exhaust air and make-up air.[...]


We at Jeans Restaurant Supply strive on superior sales and service and customer satisfaction. We recently sold an ice machine to a car wash that has a drive-up ice and water dispenser vending machine next to his car wash. It has one ice machine and he wanted to add another one. His business was increasing and he need to step up his ice production. The building, the ice bin, and the remote unit framework where the outside condensing unit sits on the roof were originally designed and ready to accommodate two ice machines. Therefore, we sold him another ice machine to sit on the bin directly next to the other machine. The units were both Manitowoc CVD remote 2000 lb per day ice machines.[...]


Here at Jeans Restaurant Supply we have our own in-house design team. We also have our own sheet metal fabrication shop that not only fabricates all the ductwork involved in the venthoods but we also design and manufacture our own UL approved hoods. Once the contractor was able to remove any lighting, ceiling tiles, wiring, etc, that were going to be in the way of the new hoods our installation crew was able to come in and hang the hoods, make the necessary roof penetrations, install, seal, and insulate all ducting and exhaust and fresh air fans.[...]


One of the most important factors in the installation of almost any piece of restaurant equipment that is sitting on the floor, especially a walk-in freezer,is to make sure the floor where it is going to sit is level. So, the first thing we do is put a laser leveling device on the floor and make sure we are dealing with a floor that is sufficiently level to install our box on. I say "sufficiently" level because ideally the floor should be perfectly level. However, few floors are ever perfectly level. If the floor is very badly off level it may have to be repaired first. If it is slightly off we may be able to use shims to level the box.[...]



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